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And yes - North's IS Brill. as we thought.

ok girlies - heres the stitch. just fyi

North's horse - during "the hunt" it is never given a name, but is only referred to as "his mare." In the scene where he and Elizabeth are riding to Battenburn on horse, it's name is never mentioned either. Odd. considering North is the cc member with the great passion for horses, his dont have names. hmmmm. food for though.

Elizabeth's horse -"Becket" (a gelding). of course, RIGHT as i opened up the book i was like, becket? now when i dont need it. damn it.

Ok, I would just like to say, when i was searching for the horses names, I had to read little snippets to see where I was, and I would always be like - awww i love this part. and i was once again reminded how much i love the cc books. reading all these other jo books has made me forget a little how great the cc is. *sigh* amazing.
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