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LORD this one would suck to accidentaly post on regular lj. hmmm, i hope i didnt just jinx myself.

fhweijvhafiashv YUCK YUCK YUCK JO! i was just reading my steadfast heart, and its the first scene. so its all going real well... REAL well. well, ok, there had been a few sentences here and there where i was like ew what the crap jo (for example: she was tight, surrounding him like a warm leather sheath. what??? why jo, why a warm leather sheath? NOT hot.) but then it got to this one line and i am seriously sitting here not able to control my grossed out outbursts consisting of "ewws" and questioning "why jo?!"'s (said out loud of course), and intermittent shudders and such. like i dont even want to go into it on here, because although this is the cc journal, who are we to say that no one else ever reads it. and no one deserves to have the blunt imagery put forth to them that jo put forth in this particular sentence.

ok, i just reread the part because i was like - well, maybe its not as bad as im thinking. but no no, i still went "ewwww" when i read it. I wonder if this line bothered you as much jenn as it has obviously bothered me.

ok, who are we kidding. here's the line. to any random person not in the cc reading it - just dont. or know you have been warned. anywho. so it is after the act i guess. and they are going through the old jo ritual of him cleaning her up (which has always been kind of akward scenes for me anyway. every time i wriggle with grossed out-ness, even though ive read HOW many of these now?) but anyways - hes washing her up. and then it goes "It [the towel] came away tinged with her blood as his penis had been."

ewwewwewewwew. i hope that wasnt like a total let-down for anyone. i may have worked it up too much, but no. it really grosses me out that much for some reason. idk. she just comes right out there - using the word penis, etc. idk. i mean, is it just me who thinks that line is gross?

*sigh* oh jo. you stradle the line sometimes with your bluntness - but this was just taking it too far.
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