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My email to Jo & her reply [12 May 2006|07:24pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

Hi Lauren,

You picked right up on the story line. Yes, Mr. Caldwell is no more.
Very sad. But, hey, it gave me material for her to work through her
grief, her anger, and all the complications of romance the second time
around! I hope you enjoy it.


> Hi Jo,
> I was so excited to see that you are releasing a new book, but I'm
a little confused because I thought that Cybelline was married and
pregnant in Sherry's book. Actually her name is Caldwell because of her
husband, right? Does that mean he has died in this new book? Oh, that's so
sad. Well, I can' wait to read this new story!
> Lauren Baggett

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[27 Apr 2006|08:32am]

Ladies- Jo is releasing a new book in August 2006: One Forbidden Evening.

Apparently it involves the scoundrels (Pinch, Dash, & Midge), but it's not about any of them. It sounds good. The guy is ridiculously clever and the girl is tortured. A classic Jo is on its way~

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ho-la! [24 Feb 2006|12:44pm]

[ mood | amused ]


No one has written here in a bit of time, therefore, I am deciding to write in here now. See. I am typing. I am efficient.

Sometimes I like to type fast and pointless things just to prove to myself that I can, indeed, type and not pay attention to the keyboard as I do it. I'm pretty talented like that, afterall. Sometimes I put commas in a weird part of a sentence like this, Oh! You weren't expecting that were you? No, indeed you we not. You're silly.

So I'll be getting back to Georgia tomorrow at some point. Woohoo! Aren't you guys psyched up? I know you are. I have nothing very CC related to post.

I finished a romance novel. It wasn't that great. I was a tit bit disappointed. But oh well. I still read all of it. Sometimes I can't stop reading romance novels even if they're absolutely terrible because if i don't finish it I can never forget it.

I'm listening to "Papa Can You Hear Me?" from Yentyl. Yentyl is a really good movie. Barbara Streisand dresses up as a guy and then she falls in love with a dude and it's pretty awesome. I think they showed some stuff on I Love the 80's about it.

Sometimes I like to ramble. This is one of those times.

I could be doing my laundry to help me be able to leave as soon as the sun rises tomorrow. I have nothing to wear for real. Rather, I do have things to wear but do not want to wear them. I'm in a bit of a clothes hump. My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump.

I downloaded some of yalls Jacks Manequins songs because some of them got stuck in my head. So yeah.

Yall is a weird word. Y'all. Also weird.

I should take a shower. But I don't want to. I don't want to wash my hair. I don't want to dry it. But I feel highly grody. And that's not pleasant and there's really nothing stopping me from showering except myself and my need to type pointless things. Hope you're enjoying this.

Actually, I always love it when someone posts on the cc club thing because then I say,"Hurrah!" So i bet that's what you did. At least one of you. North, South, East? Which one of you did the hurrah? Eh? Eh?!?!?!

You know what movie I really want to watch? Beauty and the Beast. I just love that movie. And the Beast is hot. With that voice. Oh. So sexy. I always think of him saying, "Let them come." when the castle is being broken into. And I also think of him when he says, "She glanced this way, I thought I saw and when we touched she didn't shudder at my paw. No, that can't be- I'll just ignore but then she's never looked at me that way befoooooreee." "NEEEEEEEEEW and a bit alarming who'd have ever thought that THIS could be?"

I'll tell you who thought it. I did. I love that movie for real. And it makes me mad that I don't own it on DVD. And that Disney has put it back in the Vault. Damnit.

I'm going to stop writing now. I don't really have anything to say.

Type type type. Click click click. The quick brown fox jumps lazily over the fence. She sells sea-shells by the sea shore. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

gastons voice is not as sexy as the beast. and it's really deep.

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[05 Jan 2006|01:19pm]

This may be late, but oh well...

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[02 Jan 2006|12:55am]

[ mood | daydream time! ]

we should have a cc meeting. you know, since we haven't had one in how long? yea, it's sad when i can't remember the last time. just plain sad. when this week?

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[01 Jan 2006|02:25pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Just wanted to say this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"Just checkin out some females."


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IF YOUR NAME IS JENN- DO NOT READ!!!!!!!! [26 Dec 2005|02:51pm]

[ mood | Broadway-y! ]

I'm serious, Jenn, NO READING.

Ok, North and West- we need to get together and discuss (are you reading jenn? good.) what we're goign to do for South (JENN- i said no). Let me know when you can~

Jenn- if you read this, i'm disappointed in you.


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[22 Nov 2005|03:52pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

And- I don't really think you guys are hos. I mean, unless you want me to. In which case, I will gladly do so.

But yeah- this is my countdown.
1 day. Let's do the time.
Okay, so it's 4 o'clock here. I leave tomorrow at 8 am. Hmmm.


So I got 16 or 17 hours. I guess. Until I leave. Hmm. And our estimated time of arrival is 9 hours after. So 8 plus 9 is 17. 17 is equivalent to 5 o'clock. I can't remember if the 9 hours factors in stopping to eat and traffic. But I would say I'll be back in GA between 5-6 PM. Or maybe a tid bit later.
My mom won't be home though until 7...I think she said. So I'll just be alone. In my own house! YAY!!!!!!!


end of confusing post.

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[20 Nov 2005|11:54pm]

[ mood | gloomy ]

I just had the first emotional/mental breakdown I've had since I came to college. Here are some possible factors as to hy this happened:

-PMS (had to throw the stereotype in there)
-School stress (very possible; I did just finish a god awful philosophy paper)
-Life stess?

Let's expound on the last shall we? Let's get something straight right here. Charlie is absolutely wonderful. So wonderful that there's no drama, no wondering, no emotional rollercoaster. I think that's what's messing me up, though. It's like I'm waiting fo the bottom to fall out subconsciously at least. I mean I'm starting to create drama in my mind when it's just...not there. Which is why I start to wonder whether not or deserve him. But then my nicely built up pride in myself jumps in and says you deserve him and he deserves you or this wouldn't be going so well already. Hmmm...so what to do?


I'm guessing I also just needed a really good cry. AND let's chalk it up to the fact that it is now 12:01, I'm 19, and I'm sitting in my room quite alone. The sitting in my room alone as my choice of sorts, but part of me likes to think this was a test that everyone except Durso failed...yes, Durso just came to my door to wish me a happy birthday. I miss my mom and the birthday fairy. It's a GOOD thing I'm going home on tuesday.


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[14 Nov 2005|10:25pm]

[ mood | rogue-ish. ]

-After an Afternoon- Jason Mraz

I bare my windowed self untamed and untrained
Dreams that hardly touch our complexions truest faults

If room enough for both my drowsy spirit shall fall
Bold waves tumble to the season of my heart
Where you have offended my faith and my trust
Until all is lost into the beauty of the day

But there's something in the way you laugh
That makes me feel like a child
Aspects of life they confuse me
You and your thesis amuse me

After and afternoon with you
And your rich brown eyes
Your lips and dark hair
Elbows and exposed knees tossing toward the ceiling
After an afternoon

Face to palm
Tear to tear
Mouth to tongue
Heart to ground

Alright, so this is one of my absolute favorite Jason songs. And I thought I'd share it with you guys. But what I really wrote for was to share this...I own a book called 100 Flowers and How They Got Their Names. Anyhoo, I looked through it and found lavender, which I thought holds some signifigance with the CC. So here's what it says.

Botanical Name: Lavandula. Family: Labiatae

Washing (to the extent that all but certain small boys practice it nowadays) is fairly new in the West. But the name of lavender is not new; it comes from the Latin lavare (to wash). Lavender was used from ancient times to make perfumes and to scent such soaps as there were.
The Romans washed and took frequent baths in public bathhouses, but after the fall of the Roman Empire, the bathwater was tossed away with the rest of that civilization. Even royalty seldom washed; they used perfume liberally instead. Elizabeth I took a bath occasionally, but James I/VI never even washed his hands, which he "rubb'd" with the wet edge of a napkin. Water in sixteenth-century England was often contaminated with sewage and washing in it probably would not have been very healthy anyway. One of the lures of colonists to the New World was that the water was so pure it could even be drunk and "those that drinks it be as healthful, fresh, and lustie, as they what drink beere" (Captain John Smith). Even so, somehow out of all this filth and pollution flowered some of the most beautiful literature that has ever been.
Soap, when available, was very expensive. In 1562, four pounds of gray soap cost twice as much as a whole pig (which was sixpence) and six times as much as a dozen eggs, but almost anyone could grow lavender, and it was so common that in 1568 the botanist William Turner said it "were but lost labor" to describe it. It was one of the cheaper perfumes, which were an important part of hygiene. Lady Macbeth, when agonizing over that bad "little hand" of hers, does not talk of soap and water but of "all the perfumes in Arabia." But of course she could have afforded something better than lavender water.
Real perfumes were, as they are now, pretty expensive. Workmen handling frankincense in Alexandria were "sowed up and sealed" into their breeches so they could not conceal it in body crevices. Lavender water was easy to make, but pure oil of lavender was a luxury. It takes two thousand pounds of blossoms to make ten pounds of distilled lavender essence.
By the nineteenth century, soap and water had come into fashion and the use of perfumes was suspect. Henry Phillips, writing in the 1820s, called the use of perfumes in men an "effeminate practice" brought to Rome from Greece and said, "we would recommend the old practice of laying clean linen in lavender, in preference to throwing the extract of it on dirty clothes."
Although introduced to Britain early, lavender is probably native to the Mediterranean (some say it may originally have come from India). It likes chalky dry soil and bright sunshine, and although it can die back and grow up again from the roots in spring, it doesn't stand extreme cold.
It is good to grow lavender. The old writers said that it would "comforte the brayne very well" and that you can "imbibe good humour" from it. The herbalist John Gerard warned against its overuse by "unlearned Physitians and...foolish women" but said that it would "helpe the panting and passion of the heart." Whether this is true or not, a bed of lavender, or a handful of it in a drawer, is a comfort to the nose, the brain, and the heart. It's nearly as good as a hot shower.

That's that.
You guys- start the countdown- NINE days til I'm back in town. Woohoohoo!
Also, I'm very much enjoying the Bedwyn series.

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[19 Sep 2005|10:11pm]

i just noticed that we do not have Jo Goodman as one of our interests!!!! There is something wrong with that guys!

and that's all. i'm reading jo right now. it's good. i love when they "make love" aka have dirty dirty wonderfully described sex. mmm.
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Oh Jo...so the same. [14 Aug 2005|11:48pm]

[ mood | amused ]

So, I'm reading "Always In My Dreams"- part of the Dennehy series and I'd just like to point out some little CC vs. This book...similarities. And I'm only on page 127, so I'm sure there will be more. Haha.

"Skye tore her attention from the cocky set of his mouth and stared at his nose instead. It was slightly crooked from a previous break." North?

One characters' sons' name is Matthew. Hmmm? Where have we seen the name before?

The word tinkerer and/or tinker has been used thrice so far. Each time I laughed.

Walker has a small dimple on one side of his mouth or face. Whatever. But West? Hmm?

So, Jo likes certain features and names. Just commenting.

On another note though: Hope you guys are enjoying UGA- I'll give you updates on the Louisiana situation via this and phone calls. Hahah. Don't really want to discuss it with the whole of livejournal, you know.

love and miss you,

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ami THIS easy to win over?? [12 Aug 2005|11:42pm]

[ mood | in love ]

ive started a season to be sinful and im in the first chapter. and i have to admit - im already in love with "sherry." he sounded SOOO cute as a little kid - all pale with dark brown eyes and hair and a cowlick pointing due NORTH like the point on a compass (jos exact words). but they pulled out the word prig and i was gone. his godmother, or whatever she is, is right - it IS charming to be a prig. sigh

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[11 Aug 2005|07:35pm]

[ mood | always impressed by jo ]

so...i just finished more than you know.
they cracked me up so much. seriously. they had the cutest relationship. i loved them.
and it had some REALLY cheesy lines, especially pretaining to the treasure. the one he was looking for and the one in his arms. yea, it's pretty bad sometimes, but it totally works for them because it's not like that all the time, you know?
and all of the scenes were good. all of them. i was not disappointed. well, the gazebo disappointed me at first, but jo, as always, made up for it later. especially the workroom scene. mmmmmmmm. hot.
now onto a season to be sinful as soon as amy finished motorcycle diaries. i'm excited!

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too despondant to think of a title [05 Aug 2005|06:18pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

i feel very sad right now. i was just playing text twist. and i missed the word north!!!! what is wrong with me?! and what the fuck is playing on my launchcast. i sont know WHAT this song is. but more importantly - i missed north! geeze. *shakes head*

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i need to reread decker now. [05 Aug 2005|01:41pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

yay! i just finished colin! soooo good., i did indeed cry in the epilougue anyway - even though i knew the ending. and i cried at another point in the book too. im just cool like that. so i can pass it on now. but now i get to move on to "the motorcycle diaries" blagh. it will be ok - but no jo.

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And yes - North's IS Brill. as we thought. [29 Jul 2005|12:26am]

[ mood | giddy ]

ok girlies - heres the stitch. just fyi

North's horse - during "the hunt" it is never given a name, but is only referred to as "his mare." In the scene where he and Elizabeth are riding to Battenburn on horse, it's name is never mentioned either. Odd. considering North is the cc member with the great passion for horses, his dont have names. hmmmm. food for though.

Elizabeth's horse -"Becket" (a gelding). of course, RIGHT as i opened up the book i was like, becket? now when i dont need it. damn it.

Ok, I would just like to say, when i was searching for the horses names, I had to read little snippets to see where I was, and I would always be like - awww i love this part. and i was once again reminded how much i love the cc books. reading all these other jo books has made me forget a little how great the cc is. *sigh* amazing.

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LORD this one would suck to accidentaly post on regular lj. hmmm, i hope i didnt just jinx myself. [28 Jul 2005|12:50am]

[ mood | dirty ]

fhweijvhafiashv YUCK YUCK YUCK JO! i was just reading my steadfast heart, and its the first scene. so its all going real well... REAL well. well, ok, there had been a few sentences here and there where i was like ew what the crap jo (for example: she was tight, surrounding him like a warm leather sheath. what??? why jo, why a warm leather sheath? NOT hot.) but then it got to this one line and i am seriously sitting here not able to control my grossed out outbursts consisting of "ewws" and questioning "why jo?!"'s (said out loud of course), and intermittent shudders and such. like i dont even want to go into it on here, because although this is the cc journal, who are we to say that no one else ever reads it. and no one deserves to have the blunt imagery put forth to them that jo put forth in this particular sentence.

ok, i just reread the part because i was like - well, maybe its not as bad as im thinking. but no no, i still went "ewwww" when i read it. I wonder if this line bothered you as much jenn as it has obviously bothered me.

ok, who are we kidding. here's the line. to any random person not in the cc reading it - just dont. or know you have been warned. anywho. so it is after the act i guess. and they are going through the old jo ritual of him cleaning her up (which has always been kind of akward scenes for me anyway. every time i wriggle with grossed out-ness, even though ive read HOW many of these now?) but anyways - hes washing her up. and then it goes "It [the towel] came away tinged with her blood as his penis had been."

ewwewwewewwew. i hope that wasnt like a total let-down for anyone. i may have worked it up too much, but no. it really grosses me out that much for some reason. idk. she just comes right out there - using the word penis, etc. idk. i mean, is it just me who thinks that line is gross?

*sigh* oh jo. you stradle the line sometimes with your bluntness - but this was just taking it too far.

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I hate printers... [27 Jul 2005|02:06pm]

[ mood | annoyed, not shouting ]

So, I was inspired to finally make my collage today after jenn gave me the photos of our modern south...I compiled all my pics, ready to print, no ink. Bastards. I could've passed on the notebook to glynnis today. who knows when this whim will strike again!? Ok, I'm going shopping now, which means I'm calling you minions to see if you'd be my company. :)

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tats :) [25 Jul 2005|07:08pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

so, looking up possible compass tattoos. just because i can. and i like to look things up. but anywho. i think i would have two options here. plain. like such:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

or with colors. like such:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Except not QUITE so cartoonish looking. but you get the drif.t

and know what i was thinking. ok, know what would be kind of funny. to get a compass, most likely the plain one with this option, and then get a rose going around it or something. ha ha. im lame i know - but it would be funny. and yeah. thats all. everyone vote. or comment. or something. idk

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